Pivot Time!

May 23, 2015

You may have noticed my blogging output has declined. Halted would be more accurate. Before I stopped I was creating a series of Agile Expectations posts that were intended to act as a draft of a short book with a working title of Agile Expectations. I like the idea of using my blog to draft material as it’s a lightweight way for me to explore topics and share my thinking.

Right now my thinking and feeling are along these lines:
  • Agile Expectations as a book isn’t saying anything new or unique. I may be saying things differently (hopefully clearly and succinctly), but I’m not really bringing anything new to the table. You can pick up another book (or books) and learn the same things.
  • As I’ve reflected on this, I’ve come realize that my drop in output is directly related to my lack of enthusiasm for this project. I need to add value to your day as a reader – or at least feel like I’m adding value. 
I’ve decided to – as they say in lean circles -- pivot. Where I am heading?

As an agile practitioner I’ve taken note that Alistair Cockburn’s writing about Shu-Ha-Ri and how it has been both a popular concept and a sticky one. On top of that, a few years ago I wrote a blog post Bruce Lee on Software Development that was the subject of a European talk radio show (or so I was told). At the time I didn’t feel like there was much else to say, but it was one of those things that kept resurfacing in my mind. It’s like an itch that won’t go away until I scratch it.

I’ve studied and trained in the martial arts off and on over the years as well as being deeply involved with agile for ten years now, and I believe that there is an interesting story to be told by exploring both the differences and the parallels between martial arts and agile software development and the path towards agile mastery. Given this direction, I’ve decided to rebrand my blogging platform. I’m launching an Agile Shu Ha Ri blog and letting SoftwareResults fade away. It has served its purpose.

Please join me at AgileShuHaRi.net!