An Agile Project for Me and a Sneak Preview for You

October 2, 2013

I have ideas for a couple of books on agile. For the past four years I’ve been writing about agile on this blog (and other blogs here and there) along with publishing some articles on the side, so this seems like a good next step. I’ve actually pushed off suggestions in the past to write a book, but right now, the timing feels right.

I’ve got notes and thoughts on the direction I want to take, but time is a precious commodity for me as it is for all of us… So I want to write my first book while I continue with this blog and earn a living. (My blog does not earn me living!) The simplest and most direct thing to do is to a) write the shortest book I have in mind first, and b) draft my book in public, using this blog.

The book I have in mind is something that I can hopefully self-publish and make available fairly quickly. The goal for this book is to answer the question: What is agile and what should you expect from agile?

My tentative title for this book is: Agile Expectations: What to Expect from Agile Development, and Why

I’ll make another post tomorrow, starting off with what will be the Introduction to the book. I will organize the material in chapter format on this blog as I’m writing it. This will be the sneak peak for you. Once I’m complete, my intent is to package the material up and publish it – provided that I’m satisfied that the content is indeed worthy of publishing.

As always, any feedback on what is working and what I need to improve is always welcome!