I’m Going Independent!

April 3, 2013

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going independent as an agile coach. I’m so passionate with all things agile that this move makes greater sense to me each and every day. And considering the increased interest in agile with Maine-based companies where I live, I’m hoping my timing is right. By all appearances it is, so I’m optimistic that I’ll be working quite literally in my own backyard.

I won’t make the official cut until the end of the month because I have an agreement to remain with my current company until that time. But I’ve been spending my spare time getting ready. I’ve named my company and filed paperwork with the state. And I have a logo. I’ve also started on a web site and began putting a couple of training courses together to complement my coaching services.

And my company is…

(If you look at the web site, keep in mind that it is a work in progress, but I would appreciate any feedback. Send it to me at my new email address: davemoran@agileguide.us)

My intent is to guide and coach organizations on agile leadership and change. I’ve been a part of a management team that has transformed itself and our organization into an agile organization, and I dare say that if you talk to anyone who works in our organization, they will say that we have transformed into something special. We have a productive, rewarding, satisfying work experience that has proven to be routinely profitable over the years. And I want to guide other organizations so that they can have this same experience.

I genuinely believe in the transformational aspects that being agile can bring. It can transform your work, and this in turn can have a positive effect on your outlook and life. Not only that, but lean and agile techniques can be applied to your personal life by using Personal Kanban or Scrum for the family.

As I thought about becoming a full-time agile coach, I recalled that when I was in college, my part-time job was as an assistant high school cross-country and track coach. And I enjoyed coaching. It was great to coach others and see them succeed.

And I’m not talking about winning as a measure of success, either. The real wins were the kids who improved and – much to their own surprise and delight – ran faster times than they thought was possible for them to achieve. I couldn’t run for them, but as an experienced runner who studied and applied training techniques to improve my own times, I was able to coach and train others so that they were successful. I’m hoping to re-live that experience as an agile coach. 


James McCarthy said...

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May 5, 2013 at 8:38 AM
Dave Moran said...


Thanks a lot! I'll keep at it -- it's great to hear from readers, and let me know if you have any topics that you'd like to see covered. If I have any expertise or experience in those areas, I'll by happy to craft a post. And I welcome guest posters as well (since you mentioned that you write in another comment).

May 12, 2013 at 9:06 AM

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