Our First Maine Agile Gathering!

March 20, 2013

Given the increased interest in agile development in local Maine-based companies (I live and work in Portland, Maine), I was approached earlier this year about putting together an agile event. Since this is our first event, Pro Search, our sponsor, wanted to make it as attractive as possible for people to attend. They offered to make this a free event! We also settled on making this a half-day event to minimize the impact to work schedules.

We’re hoping that is will be our first annual Maine Agile Gathering on Friday, April 5th. We have some great speakers lined up:

Dan MezickDan LeFebvreBill Joiner

I own a great deal of thanks to these individuals who agreed to speak at this event. For anyone in the Portland, Maine area who would like to attend, please register in advance. (We need to plan space, and we are offering free breakfast as well!) I hope to see you there!