It’s Not About Efficiency, It’s About Resiliency

March 9, 2012

“Most white-collar workers wear white collars, but they’re still working in the factory. They push a pencil or process an application or type on a keyboard instead of operating a drill press. The work is planned, controlled, and measured. It’s factory work because you can optimize for productivity.” – Seth Godin, in Linchpin

Seth Godin is urging us to become indispensable, original thinkers; those who are difference-makers and not commoditized, low-paid workers who are easily replaced. A great many organizations deliberately plan for efficiency and reliability by breaking work into distinct, specialized pieces that can be performed routinely, but there is a downside to “optimizing for productivity” in this way.

For today’s post, I’ll point you towards my guest posts on VersionOne’s Agile Management Blog, where I discuss a significant benefit of being agile: Organizational resilience.

The Agile Resiliency Factor: Part 1 of 2
The Agile Resiliency Factor: Part 2 of 2