Reflecting on 2009

December 31, 2009

It’s the end of the year, and it’s time to look back at this blog, and to start thinking about where I will take this blog in 2010.
I started this blog on in January of 2009 for multiple reasons:
To re-examine my own thoughts and experiences gained over the years. The act of explaining my thinking to others via this blog forces me to consider why I have certain points of view, and possibly alter them based on additional thought and consideration on my part.
To challenge myself to read, discuss, and think about programming and managing software development. The objective being to add to my current knowledge and understanding based on the extra effort required by writing about software development.
To exercise and develop my writing skills; after all, the act of writing forces you to think about what you are writing, how you will approach a given topic, and it really forces you to clarify your thoughts. All worthwhile as far as I’m concerned! In fact, I’m finding that I am able to write with clarity at an increasingly faster rate now than I did a year ago.
To utilize Google Blogger and see what I could do with Google’s tools.

The BIG concern that I had when I started this blog was whether or not I could sustain my pace. I determined the title and objective of the blog, and I settled on a goal of posting once per week. Before officially launching the blog, I had brainstormed a list of 20 topics and pre-wrote about 4 or 5 posts in advance. I then got to work setting up my blog.

So far, meeting my once-per-week quota hasn’t been an issue for me. I find that I write in spurts, and that I can produce several blog posts in fairly short periods of time, typically on a slow weekend. During the week, I am mindful of things that I read or any dialog that comes up that might suggest a topic. I write these down and mentally play with them in the back of my mind. When I have a hour or two of time available, I start writing.

I would like to thank all of you who are reading this blog. I have picked a few public followers, and I know that there are many more quietly reading my posts at their leisure. My questions to you are:

What would YOU like to see in this blog?

Do you enjoy my writing style?

Are my topics worth reading about?

My tendency is to write longer posts than some blogging wisdom states is wise. Other advisors advocate that I should post more than once per week. And of course, for every piece of advice there are counter-points. Some bloggers say that posting on a consistent schedule is what really matters, and once a week is fine. Length is not an issue with some bloggers, either. They advise that I write posts that are of sufficient length to cover the topic at hand, and not to short-change a topic to meet an artificial limit on length.

The frequency and length of my blog posts are based on my own experience. I can’t read everything that is out there, but if I find blogs that I enjoy – ones that are informative and offer a good perspective – I certainly don’t fault someone for writing 900 words instead of 300. I don't like having to read multiple posts spread over a few days or a week to understand the author's full message. I would prefer to read it in one shot.

I consider 2009 my practice year. In 2010, my goal is to increase my readership, and that means providing content that has appeal to YOU, in ways that you want to see that content. So, dear reader, what is your opinion? What I am doing right, and what would you like to see changed?


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