Software Results Redux – Would You Like to Contribute to this Blog?

February 7, 2009

I started this blog in January, and I had certain objectives in mind that I will share with you. Consider this post something of a re-launch effort, as I’m feeling the need to put a framework and definition around this blog based on early feedback and some reflection on my part.

I began this blog to explore the topic of being as productive as possible and generating true value with software projects. This blog is not about my staking a claim as an expert, but I have been in the industry for some time now and I do have a couple of objectives in mind with this blog.

First, I feel that there is too little in the way of good information from the trenches in terms of software productivity. Many times, productivity gets expressed solely in terms of fairly simple – but incomplete – metrics. This leads me to the second reason for starting this blog.

As a development manager, I wanted to force myself to think about how I approach managing software development in order to maximize results. I continually poke around book stores and then Internet, but it seems to me that there is a major problem lurking in software today that is largely unaddressed: There are either managers out there who do not have a software background – and thus don’t really understand what they should be focusing on – or there are managers that come from programming who are unprepared for a management role.

A second problem spot is the interaction between business users and the development organization. A common situation in many organizations is that the business is driving IT in general, but the business community lacks an understanding of just what they are driving. I’ve heard a couple of common refrains all too often when dealing with people who don’t understand the software business: “I don’t know what’s taking so long…” or “It should be a simple thing…”

Hence, the mission of this blog: “A blog about achieving productivity and generating value in the software world.” My goal is to provide myself (and hopefully others) with a deeper, truer understanding of what it takes to be productive, how to measure and gauge that productivity, and how to explain it when necessary.

Writing is a great way to clarify your thinking, and this blog forces me to think about the specifics and to clearly articulate those specifics. It also permits me to gain insight from others who comment on my blog posts, whether they happen to agree or disagree with me.

Since I’m not claiming to be an industry guru, I’ll put an open invitation on the table. If any readers would like to be a guest blogger and contribute material, shoot me an e-mail at: Use the subject Guest Blogger and provide me with a short description of yourself and what you would like to cover. I’ll be delighted to add you as an author!

I’ve got another post I’m finishing up right now, and I’ll post it tomorrow. In it, I’ll put my definition around Performance, Productivity, and Results.


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