January 3, 2009

My intent with this blog is to discuss what I see is an increasingly important concern, and that is to be as productive as possible in our software projects and to provide true value in the process.

This requires assessing and improving individual results, team results, and organizational results. Let’s face it; we are in an era of a global economy and global competition, and we need to do be doing the right things, and doing those things right.

The inspiration for an early theme that I will pursue came from a book “Contagious Success – Spreading High Performance Throughout Your Organization,” by Susan Lucia Annunzio. There was an interesting observation in the book: “Don’t confuse performance with productivity.”

This statement addressed a concern of managing knowledge workers in general, cautioning those of us in management positions not to over-emphasize productivity, lest we drive out the ability for (knowledge) workers to contribute to our organizations through innovation and creativity.

Personally, I feel that it is well worth exploring this area with as wide an audience as possible, so I’m hoping for both readership and feedback! Based on the research and comments I’ve seen in cyberspace, there certainly is a lot of confusion about software productivity, and very little on innovation.

My goal is to post weekly, and I most certainly look forward to the journey!